Pump Replacement & Repairs

Another extremely important part to the circulation, cleanliness and overall enjoyment of your Georgia gunite pool is the pool pump! The final piece to the puzzle needs to be dependable, energy efficient, and circulating the water through your pool’s filter correctly. As mentioned before, the right size pump and filter are essential for maintaining optimal water circulation, filtration (keeping the water free of any contaminants, bugs and other debris) and keep your overall maintenance efforts incredibly low if these two components are working together effectively. Blue Ridge Pools will guide you through all the right steps in choosing the perfect pump for your pool.

When deciding on the right pump for your Georgia gunite pool, you must have the pump that is most efficient to circulate water through your pool. Pool pumps have come a long way in recent years, so you can never go wrong with a new pump if you’ve been using the same pump for many years. Remember, pool pumps should usually be replaced every five to seven years. That all depends on the size of your pool, how often you are using your pool, and how well you’ve maintained the life of your pump. Throughout the years, you’ll probably encounter certain issues with all pumps, but the key to maintaining the life of the pump requires it to stay free of any leaks; this ensures that the pump functions properly at all times. Repairs with pool pumps usually are pretty simple, but much older pumps typically require a full pool pump replacement, especially if you’ve reached that seven-year mark.

Another important factor in determining which pool pump replacement is right for you is the size. Correct size is crucial in making your pump decision for your Georgia gunite pool. We’ll help you select the perfect size pump because with pumps, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Pumps that are too large for pools can lead to the water being cloudy, even damaging the pool’s filter. In the end, you’d be wasting energy and also money.

Your best investment for a new pump is going to an energy-efficient variable speed pump because they can be set to run on settings that handle different tasks such as running your pool’s filter, heater, waterfalls and even cleaning duties. These are very popular because of all of their functions and they are by far the most cost-effective models. Conventional pumps run at a couple speeds and are not nearly as efficient as a variable speed pump, however, new models have advanced greatly in recent years are much more efficient than they used to be. Beyond your primary pump, there are accessory pumps that run other features of your pool like waterfalls and other features.

Blue Ridge Pools looks forward to helping you decide on you’re new pool pump. Whether you’re a new pool owner or are just looking to replace your old pump, we’ll educated you on how to keep your pump running efficiently throughout its life span so you will get the most out of your investment.