Pool Service

We want to provide you with the necessary tools it takes to open and close your pool effectively. When opening your pool for the summer, we’ll make sure to clean your pool, treat the water, remove and store your cover properly and make sure the filtration system is working correctly to keep your pool looking beautiful all summer long.

At the end of the summer, we’ll be back to make sure everything is in place for proper pool protection during winter shutdown and any other miscellaneous pool service you may need.

Filter cleaning, repair, and replacement.

Proper filter maintenance is essential for the overall cleanliness and beauty of your Georgia custom in-ground pool and this service allows just that. If you have an older filter that needs a repair, our highly trained professionals will quickly diagnose and fix any problem but will also recommend if a replacement is necessary.

In-ground pools are a major investment and our competitive pricing allows an easy sales experience with no pressure. Once the sales process is complete and the correct paperwork is done, we can immediately start installing the pool of your dreams.

Equipment repair and/or replacement

  • Plumbing and electrical service and/or repair
  • Leak detection and repair of plumbing
  • Heater troubleshooting and repair or heater replacement
  • Diving Board installation
  • Pool Slide installation
  • Safety cover installation
  • General pool maintenance

Pool owners must have properly functioning equipment to maintain a beautiful, well functioning pool. We will provide you with the best equipment or if you simply need a repair, we can fix that older piece of equipment that isn’t quite ready to go yet. The latest equipment is more energy efficient and keeps your utility bills low.
We quickly detect leaks in your pool and diagnose plumbing issues that could compromise the overall quality of your pool.

Maintaining a heater’s life allows for better energy efficiency and the reduction of electric bills.

  • Pool cleaning services.
  • Supply of pool chemicals.

It’s a huge responsibility to have a pool at your home. Safety covers are nearly a necessity and we provide the installation at a reasonable price. Allow us to provide you with piece of mind while you’re away from your pool.

Whether it’s for opening, closing or any other situation, we’ll get your pool ready to go for any occasion. Contact us today about your next pool service.