Pool Salt Systems

One of the benefits that you will realize almost immediately is that a salt-water pool is softer on your skin than a chlorine pool. Due to the fact that a salt water pool’s PH is closer to your body’s natural PH than a chlorine water pool is. With a salt-water pool system you won’t have the bother of itchy skin, red eyes or damaged hair normally associated with time spent in a pool. In addition to the salt-water pool system being less abrasive to your skin and hair, you will not have that intrusive chlorine odor in your pool. Another plus is that a salt-water pool does not cause irritation to people with sensitive skin or people who are allergic to chlorine pools.

Initially it may seem that a salt water system is the more costly option due to the higher installation costs. However, though the upfront cost of a salt-water pool system might be more expensive, the system pays for itself within a few short years. With a salt water you save more because you are not spending large amounts on chemicals for your pool. This also means that you do not need to handle or store a bunch of chemicals. Your maintenance costs are reduced to less than half of that of a chlorine pool. Not only are your costs of chemicals and maintenance reduced, as a pool owner you spend less time on the actual maintenance of the pool. If you and your family are planning a trip away from home for week or two, there are no worries such as asking friends or family to check your pool or hiring a costly pool service company to do so.

A rather unknown fact about salt-water pool systems is that it does still use chlorine to clean your pool. Salt, also known as sodium chloride, is a compound which is made up of chlorine and sodium. Your salt water pool system comes with something called a “salt water chlorinator”, which uses the process of electrolysis to separate the chlorine and the sodium molecules. Therefore, your pool still gets the chlorine it needs to stay clean, but in a form that is less harsh on your hair and skin, and with a much more pleasant odor.

Blue Ridge Pools has the experience and expertise to do your pool salt systems conversion professionally and at an affordable rate.