Pool Repairs

Our professionals at Blue Ridge Pools are certified in the repair of everything utilized in the pool industry. We will provide you with piece of mind by quickly repairing any issues that you’re having with your pool and restore your enjoyment with your investment in no time.


Although gunite pools are very durable, like all products, there’s always a chance of an issue occurring. One issue is leaking. With gunite being a mixture of sand and cement, it is a very porous substance. The barrier between the gunite (plaster, tile, etc…) and the water may crack if it was not installed correctly during while the pool was being built. Cracks can also occur because of changes in the surrounding ground (earthquakes and also the freezing or thawing of the ground). Please contact us immediately if you noticed any visible cracks or see that your pool is losing water. Repairing cracks in a gunite pool can be done a couple of ways. Certain cracks may require re-plastering, but if the leak is relatively small, we can use a waterproof sealant for a much quicker fix.


A common repair in gunite pools deals with the plaster. If you chose to finish your pool with plaster, you will need to re-plaster your pool around every seven years. The reason that a pool needs to be re-plastered is because the plaster acts as a barrier between the gunite and the water. The plaster is vital to maintaining your pool and keeping your plaster like new will help you avoid much bigger problems that could eventually compromise the overall structure of your pool. Re-plastering doesn’t take very long, but it’s essential that professionals like Blue Ridge pools handle the job. It’s not exactly a “do it yourself” kind of job and you could run into many of the same issues your having before the re-plastering if the new plaster in not applied correctly. The best time to re-plaster a pool is on a cooler day, so we will make sure to schedule that accordingly. If the plaster is applied on too hot of a day, the plaster will dry too quickly, leading to cracks and more repairs in the future. 

Leaks and re-plastering are the most common repairs that come with a pool, but Blue Ridge Pools covers all repairs across the board, ranging from filter and equipment repairs; electrical and plumbing repairs to pool cover repairs. At Blue Ridge pools, we pride ourselves on not only our ability to build you a custom in-ground gunite pool, but also on our repairs. Our goal of our repairs is to restore you with a beautiful, functional pool that has the quality and craftsmanship equivalent to when you first had your pool installed. We already know that a pool is a major investment, and with our competitive pricing, you can rest assured that a Blue Ridge Pools’ repair will be the best service you can get, without breaking the bank.