Pool Renovation

Blue Ridge Pool’s commitment to providing quality workmanship at an affordable price is our promise to you. Whatever your desire, Blue Ridge Pools will take care of your pool renovation and pool repair needs. Whatever it is you may want or need, we will work with you to get it done. We’ll bring professionalism and expertise to make your dream backyard come to life.


Coping is also known as the edge of the pool and allows the pool to be flush with the deck. If you’re ready to update your coping because of natural wear and tear or for aesthetic reasons, Blue Ridge Pools is ready for your pool project. There are many choices to update your pool coping. Some of the options available to you are the following:

-Poured Concrete Edge
-Rock Coping
-Pavers/Brick Coping
-Slate/Limestone Coping


Most pools need to be re-plastered when your existing plaster shows signs of wear from aging. There may be several signs that indicate you are due for a re-plaster, these include;

-roughness -discoloration
-visible cracks
-chips out of the plaster
-any visible signs of aging

You may even decide to use a different plaster color to change the dynamic of your backyard. Once your pool is re-plastered it is important to maintain the water chemistry for the longevity of your pool plaster.


There are various reasons to replace the tile in your pool. If your tiles are falling off, have cracks in them or you would just like to update the look of your pool, Blue Ridge Pools can take care of your project. Since tile patterns have evolved greatly throughout the years. They’ve gone from plainly colored, square tiles, to virtually any color, design, and texture that you could possibly imagine. So whether your old tiles just need a repair or if you’re looking into full tile renovation for a more modern look, we can do the job.


Blue Ridge Pools can take care of all your pool renovation needs, including your pool deck. Once again, there are many reasons for redoing your pool deck; your deck may have cracks, discoloration, breaking apart in places, for aesthetic reasons or you may just want to change the style of your backyard.

Pressure washing If your deck is discolored due to moss and grime, you may opt to merely pressure wash your deck. Depending on size, we should be able to pressure wash your deck and steps in a single day.

Painting your deck. If you have a concrete deck or Kool Deck, we can paint your deck for an updated look.

Redo your deck. If there is extensive damage to your deck or you want to a different material, we can tear out your existing deck and install a new deck. You can choose from many options, including poured concrete, stamped concrete, Kool Deck, Rock, Slate, Limestone, Brick or Pavers.

We’ll work closely with you during the entire renovation process, ensuring you get a beautiful, newly renovated pool. Thank you for choosing Blue Ridge Pools as your Atlanta Pool Specialist.