Pool Heaters

Pool heaters are an excellent way to keep the water in your pool at the perfect temperature, all of the time. If you choose to open your pool a little early, they can help keep you warm on those cooler spring days before summer hits. But not only can pool heaters allow to you to open your pool early, they allow you to keep your pool open later in the year, giving you more time to spend enjoying your Georgia gunite pool.

There are quite a few different types of heaters on the market, with the newest being the most energy efficient. Pool heater models normally have four main differences.

  • What type of fuel does your heater use? Natural Gas or Propane? This choice can depend on price and available fuel services in your area.
  • Ignition types. Electric start pool heaters are recommended over other types of ignitions.
  • Emissions released. Certain pool heaters will release fewer emissions than the normal heater. Low emission heaters are more energy efficient than the alternative. The higher efficiency makes for quicker heating of your Georgia gunite pool.
  • Elevation (higher elevations require special heaters)

Blue Ridge Pools offers the installation of a new heater but our highly trained technicians can also fix an older heater.

When we are to install a heater, we will install your heater after the filtration system is installed but before any chlorine or chemicals are installed. This ensures that the heater is only receiving the cleanest water possible.

Pool heaters are an amazing addition to your Georgia gunite pool but can encounter problems if they are not properly maintained. Blue Ridge Pools will install your heater and make sure that these necessary steps are followed.

  • Make sure that the pool heater is the correct size. Pool heaters come in different sizes based on the size of your pool. It never hurts to get a pool heater that is too big, but if the heater is too small, it won’t be keeping the temperature of the water exactly where you want it.
  • Make sure to monitor chemical levels closely. Chemicals levels without the correct balance will cause a variety of issues with your heater, leading to repairs, and possibly replacement. Acidic pool levels will cause corrosion, and high base levels will allow for mineral deposits, eventually leading to clogged plumbing in your pool.
  • Make sure the flow rate is always correct- Just a little backwashing and cleaning the cartridge in the pool filter will go a long way. This makes sure that enough water is flowing through your pool heater, therefore causing it to function effectively and efficiently.
  • Protect! A pool heater cover is always recommend just to ensure that it is protected from any outside elements that could damage it.
  • Proper clearance. We will make sure that there is proper clearance around your heater and the owner’s manual is a great reference as well.
  • Gas Pressure. The gas pressure must be adjusted properly and Blue Ridge Pools will handle this for you because the professionals installing your heater should always do this during installation.