Pool Filters

Everyone knows that the worst part about owning a pool is the overall maintenance. Let’s be honest, all you want to do is use it! Whether it is for family use, pool parties, or just some personal relaxation time, your Georgia gunite pool must be kept clean, not only for your overall enjoyment but for the purpose of allowing your pool to enjoy a long, happy life. Having the right filter plays a big part in both of these things because a properly functioning pool filter is responsible debris of all different sizes, keeping your water clean and crystal clear.

There are a few different popular pool filters on the market to choose from. There are Sand Filters, and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filters. When it comes down to choosing a filter, you’re going to decide on functionality combined with cost effectiveness.

Here’s how they differ:

Sand Filters are smaller, less expensive and a great filter for Georgia gunite pools. Sand Filters work by using special pool filter sand and catch debris moving through your pool’s filtration system. Clean water flows out, and the dirty water exits through your pool’s waste line. You’re going to want to replace the pool filter sand every five to eight years, depending on how much you use your Georgia gunite pool. The great things about sand filters are that it’s the least expensive, sand doesn’t cost much when you need a replacement, and the sand lasts for many years in between changes.

DE Filters provide the cleanest water out of the three filters listed. They are not widely used at home pools because of their higher cost (most expensive of the three) and they typically need a bit more maintenance than sand and cartridge filters and will need a major cleaning once a year. But if you want the cleanest water that you can possibly have, a DE filter is right for you.

Blue Ridge Pools will help you decide on the filter that’s right for you. Whether we’re installing your new gunite pool or you’re just looking for a replacement filter, we’ll leave you completely satisfied with your choice your new filter that sure to keep your water crystal clear, adding to the overall enjoyment of your investment.