Equipment Repair

Efficiency is the key to low electric bills and overall maintenance with your pool. Having modern equipment is definitely the way to achieve this with your Georgia gunite pool. Properly functioning equipment is what keeps your water circulated, filtered, heated, and most importantly, it keeps the surfaces of the pool and the water clean. Clean water is immediately noticed when someone takes a look at your new pool. But without the proper equipment, none of this will be accomplished. If you’re getting your first Georgia custom gunite pool installed by Blue Ridge Pools, you’ll have many choices in the latest equipment that’s available on the market. But if you’re undergoing a renovation, you’ll have to ask yourself, “Is my equipment worthy of my newly renovated pool?” We’ll work closely with you to decide that answer. If the answer is “yes,” then we’ll double check your equipment to make sure it’s working to the best of it’s ability. And if the answer is “No,” you don’t have to worry because Blue Ridge Pools has a couple of options for you.

If you’re looking for a full equipment renovation to go along with your pool renovation, we will set you up with the best supplies on the market, increasing your pool’s life and your overall happiness with your investment.

Blue Ridge Pools has technicians who can handle any type of pool equipment repair, including:

Automatic Controls – Auto controls are very important when it comes to keeping your pool pristine. This allows your pool to stay maintained even when you’re not around, because we know that pool maintenance is everyone’s least enjoyable part of being a pool owner. We’ll fix any issues that you’re having with your current auto controls, or we can install an entirely new system for you.

Heaters– Heaters are great if you or your family love to keep your pool at that perfect temperature at all times. Once you’re used to that perfect temperature, it makes your pool experience even more relaxing for you, and enjoyable for your family and guests. High tech heaters are very energy efficient and keep your pool perfect, no matter what the temperature is outside, and they do it without giving you large energy bills.

Pumps– The right size pump and filter are essential for maintaining optimal water circulation, filtration and keep your overall maintenance efforts incredibly low if these two components are working together effectively.

Salt Systems– Installing a salt system can be costly at first, but very cost effective in the long run, cutting out the need to by bags and bags of chlorine. They generate chlorine from salt and won’t cause any skin issues if you or a family member has sensitive skin.

Electrical– LED systems in your pool really gives your Georgia gunite pool life when the sun goes down. Not only can we repair your current lighting system, if you don’t have the latest in LED technology, we will install an entirely new system for sure that you and your guests will be sure to enjoy.