Diving Boards

Diving boards are great additions to Georgia gunite pools. If your pool is 8 feet deep and long enough, Blue Ridge Pools can install or replace a diving board in your gunite pool, turning your “swimming pool” into a “diving pool.”

Before installing a diving board in your Georgia gunite pool, it is imperative that you take a few things under consideration. First, you’ll need to look at safety. Safety must be your number one concern when thinking about adding a diving board. Blue Ridge Pools will discuss diving board safety with you and make sure that your pool is perfect for a diving board, because you cannot add a diving board to just any pool. Diving boards can cause accidents. Adding worry is not a reason why people install pools in their backyards, they install pools to be worry-free, relaxed and to enjoy their investment.

To have diving boards in Georgia, your pool must have a deep end that’s not only deep enough (at least 8 feet), but long enough as well. Blue Ridge Pools will make sure your pool is built to the proper specifications for a diving board, and if you already have a pool, we’ll thoroughly inspect your pool before any purchasing decisions are made. Also, please consider your pool’s overall dimensions before the installation of a “diving pool.” Your “play area” (area where head is above water while standing) will be significantly smaller to make room for the pool’s slope (area moving into the deep end) and of course, the deep end. The deep end must be long enough to avoid the risk of divers injuring themselves on the slope of the pool.

Lastly, you must factor-in insurance costs. Most of the time, homeowners insurance will increase with the addition of a diving board as opposed to a Georgia gunite pool without a diving board, where homeowner’s insurance should not be affected. One last thing that must be done if a diving board is installed in your Georgia gunite pool is keeping up with the maintenance of your diving board. Diving boards must be inspected often, mostly for cracks. If there happens to be a crack in your diving board, DO NOT USE IT and call Blue Ridge Pools immediately to repair your diving board. Along with cracks, you’ll need to check the surface of your diving board, making sure that the no-slip surface isn’t breaking down. Heavy use of your diving board and also the Sun causes the surface of your board to age. Repairs for a board’s surface are pretty simple and require and diving board resurfacing kit.

If your Georgia gunite pool has all of the proper dimensions to support a diving board, Blue Ridge Pools would love to be your diving board installation professionals. If you have any questions about diving board types, pool dimensions and overall diving board safety please contact Blue Ridge Pools and we would be happy provide you with anything you need before deciding if a diving board is right for you.